Akha Handmade Producers

Pa Mai Pattana Akha Group - Fair Trade producers in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand

Ban Pa Mai Pattana is a Christian Akha village located at about 185 kilometer east of Chiang Mai city. The village has 52 families in 48 households with a total population of 235 persons, 90 female and 80 male and 65 youth and children. It is a relocated village and villagers came from the near by mountain called Doi Luang. The Department of Forestry announced Doi Luang as the National Park and the Akha villagers living in the forest were moved from their village to this place in 1992. Each family was provided a piece of land ( approx. 800 square meters) for residence and another piece of land ( approx. 2 acre) for agriculture. Villagers grow pineapple.

Main income, about 80%, come from agriculture and 20% come from wages for labor (15%) and 5% from sale of handicrafts, and 100% of handicrafts are sold to Thai Tribal Crafts. The money they received from sale of handicrafts are used for the education of their children, health and purchase fertilizer and pineapple shoot.
Thai Tribal Crafts started to work with 21 women in this village in 2004. All of them are good in embroidery. They work in the fields during the day time and make embroidery morning and evening while they are not engaged in the field work. More about FairTrade Producers >>>

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