Handmade producers in Chiang Mai

There are mainly seven (7) handmade/handicrafts producer groups in northern Thailand. They are better known as Akha Tribe, Karen Tribe, Hmong Tribe, Lahu Tribe, Lisu Tribe, Lawa Tribe and Mien Tribe. Moreover, there are another two main groups called Finishing and Cooperative partners group. Both of these two main groups make most of the finished items/products for both local and overseas markets, buyers, partners. Please follow this link to read more about different producer groups.

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  1. Hi. I also sent a message on Facebook. I cannot get your website to load. Would it be possible to find a continuous peice of fabric that is approximately 4.2m long and 50cm wide. It would be nice if the edges would not fray when washed or worn. I am most interested in Karen styles, but other styles from other cultures would be ok too. THANKS. Anna Watkins in North Carolina, USA.