Thai Tribal Crafts Reviews

Explore and discover handicrafts in Chiang Mai (review)

: If you are asked what do you know about Chiang Mai? The answers could be different from each one of us. Nevertheless, more than 80% will say Chiang Mai is best known as one the best handicraft centers in Thailand. The city is well-known among many travelers and business people for its wood sculptures and woodcarvings or wood-based merchandises because the handicraft products of Chiang Mai are meticulously hand-made with skilled craftsmen.

Moreover, its long experiences in wood sculpturing, bamboo basketry, silver jewelry, fancy jewelry, and other hand-made products are popular for all visitors year round. Among many popular handicraft centers, Baantawai handicraft center and Bo Sang Handicraft Centre are well-known apart from night bazaar market and weekend walking street markets where handmade products are widely sold.

Likewise, there are small to medium companies like Thai Tribal Crafts and other family owned handicraft shops around the city. If you are interested to know more about handicrafts (hand-make) in Chiang Mai, please contact us.

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